Senior Talent is On The Increase as Number of C-Suite Positions Increase


Managers, directors and senior officials are just a few of the roles that are instrumental in businesses being successful and growing. Now, a new report has revealed an increase in the number of positions filled across the UK – signalling a boom in innovation.

The trade trends report 2021 released by Skills Training Group has analysed 16 years worth of data from the Office for National Statistics to assess the state of the UK workforce.

In the report, it revealed a boom in the number of c-suite job roles, with managers, directors and senior officials increasing by 35.88% over the 16 year period, while corporate managers and directors increased by 39.29%. Across the roles, chief executives and senior officials increased by 92.72%, from 60.400 in 2004 to 116,400 in 2020. It was females though that saw the biggest increases in these roles.

Sam Hill, head of people at office space provider, Bizspace, commented on the data:
“These numbers are certainly promising. We have noticed an increase in demand for office space as entrepreneurs embark on their journey as business leaders. The pandemic has impacted businesses hard and forced many to close, therefore, these numbers are promising and offer optimism for the flexible office industry as we pave our way out of the pandemic.

It is also encouraging to see the increase in senior female roles and makes me feel incredibly proud. Businesses have changed considerably over the past 16 years and I hope to see the upward trend of female leaders continue into the future.”

Read the full report and insights from it at:


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