Temporary Work And Independent Contracts Shown To Be On The Rise In New Report


A report created from data collected between the 11th and 22nd of February 2021 shows that employee availability is rising despite pandemic-related redundancies being widely reported.

The original report is available at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation website, at:

With a greater reluctance among candidates to seek new roles due to uncertainty and concerns over job security, the gig economy (temporary workers and independent contractors) will only continue to rise. Further to this, temporary work in both the public and private sectors rose strongly. However, more needs to be done by companies to restore candidate confidence and accommodate flexible work as we continue to move through this challenging period.

Nick Nooren, Head of Proteus Marketplace commented:
“These latest findings are extremely relevant and in line with the trends we have predicted. The move away from permanent roles to a relationship that centres around the gig worker, where there is a choice for permanent staff and temp billing. A flexible resourcing model of gig workers in corporate strategies allows businesses to streamline and more precisely manage work requirements. This report reflects the gig economy to no longer be a mere trend, but a call to embrace flexible work now and start building tomorrow’s future together.”

With these findings, and the government announcing the extension of furlough and deferred business taxes to support both employers and employees, an uptake in businesses using gig-workers is helping companies mitigate the uncertainty of the current market.

[by Abigail King]


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