Copart Bristol Expansion Creates South West ‘Super Centre


Global leader in online vehicle remarketing, Copart UK, have announced major expansion plans for their Bristol Operation Centre as part of their ongoing growth programme that has seen over £30m re-invested in land and transport this year alone.

The expansion at Bristol is a clear demonstration of Copart’s multi-faceted re-investment strategy, combining a programme of land acquisition with continuous investment in transport, service, and technology.

Originally a 16-acre site, Copart celebrated the addition of a further 24 acres in 2019 and are now accelerating plans to develop a further 23 acres, making this location set to become a 63-acre ‘Super Centre’ for the South West.

In addition to the planned expansion of this site, Copart are also investing in improvements to the infrastructure. This will include brand new vehicle preparation areas that will enable vehicle inspections, valeting and 360-degree imaging bays to ensure the condition of the vehicle is as transparent as possible when they hit their unique online auctions.

The additional space will add even more capacity for Copart’s customers’ vehicles with secure storage and enlarged areas for vehicles that require specialist handling like EV’s and flood and fire damaged vehicles, alongside HGV’s and Agricultural. This additional capacity offers unique contingency land in the event of catastrophes where Copart’s insurance customers need surge management services.

Copart Bristol Expansion Creates South West ‘Super Centre




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