CertSmart launches, offering UK small businesses a fast-track to ISO 9001 certification


A brand-new digital-first solution for ISO 9001 certification has launched, making the process more seamless, accessible and affordable for small UK businesses.

Designed exclusively for single-site businesses and start-ups with 25 employees or fewer,  CertSmart provides UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification in five simple steps, streamlining the process and reducing the time, cost and administrative burden for small businesses. . CertSmart customers work with Lloyd’s Register’s best-in-class auditors and can complete a remote audit in as little as four weeks from the start of the process.

ISO 9001 is a long standing, globally recognised quality management system standard and is a powerful way for businesses to improve performance, win new clients and attract partners. Over one million organisations worldwide have achieved ISO 9001 certification – making it one of the most commonly used tools by organisations looking to demonstrate their commitment to quality and continual improvement.

Paul Butcher, Business Assurance and Inspection Services Division Director at Lloyd’s Register, said: “Running a small business is not easy and achieving certification for quality management systems can seem a step too far, with so many other competing priorities.

“Through a digital approach, we are putting small businesses in complete control, making the process more convenient and flexible and ensuring a level of service that meets their needs.

“ISO 9001 certification can be a dealbreaker when tendering for contracts or developing existing relationships – we hope that CertSmart will bring a host of new opportunities within reach for small businesses across the country.”

For more information, please visit https://www.certsmart.co.uk/.


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