Staff Health and Well-being Benefits ‘Critical’ For Small Business’ Productivity as UK Looks To Return Fully To Work


Global health service company Cigna Europe reaffirms its commitment to supporting SMEs as it launches 40 surefire steps to boost employee Whole Health.

‘The road to a healthy SME: a practical guide to achieving better results through employee Whole Health’, provides innovative, cost-effective ideas to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) support their employees’ health and well-being, during COVID-19 and beyond.

With two thirds (60%) of SMEs admitting that offering health and well-being benefits to staff boosts productivity and almost a quarter (22%) rating health and well-being benefits as being critical for ensuring high productivity, ‘The road to a healthy SME’ guide has been developed as part of Cigna’s wider Whole Health strategy.

It follows extensive research by the company into the current state and future of care delivery, recognising that Whole Health is more than just physical and mental health – it’s everything that makes up our world; our family, friends, work-life balance, access to care, finances and home environment. A difficulty in any one of these areas can have an immediate knock on effect on a person’s whole health.

As restrictions continue to ease and a return to the office looms in the horizon, the guide aims to inspire those responsible for managing people in small and medium-sized enterprises when designing or updating their health and wellness plan, without huge financial outlays, resources, or efforts.

According to Cigna’s new study, ‘Health and wellness in workplaces: What works? ROI analysis of health and wellness interventions’, if well designed, health plans with low investment levels can achieve returns four times higher than more costly health programmes. The SME plan aims to offer employers easy to implement solutions to positively impact their employees’ Whole Health, with cost-effective measures including workshops to improve sleep quality, support with finances and saving, team building and healthy eating plans.

Amy MacKay, Sales and Commercial Effectiveness Director of Cigna Europe, said:
“Our new guide provides SMEs with the support they need to achieve success by looking after the Whole Health of their most important asset: their people.  Small and medium-sized enterprises play a pivotal role in the Whole Health of their employees, as they are in a privileged position when it comes to intervening positively in this area. However, we know this doesn’t come without its challenges as many small businesses are short on time and resources.”

“There are many benefits of investing in employee Whole Health. Our guide provides affordable and straightforward solutions, designed to support employers to implement quick, early interventions to help their business and employees to thrive during these challenging times and beyond.”

In addition, Cigna’s COVID-19 Global Impact Study, reveals that a third (31%) Brits have taken time off work due to Covid-19 and nearly half (46%) feel that that pandemic has had an impact on productivity at work. The study also found that employees want more support from employers, with 43% wanting flexible working location/hours, followed by financial support for COVID testing (46%) and enhanced healthcare services (42%).

For further information, or to receive a copy of ‘The road to a healthy SME: a practical guide to achieving better results through employee Whole Health’, visit:


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