Huge Business Growth for ProYouth Nutrition Following Channel 5 Experience


Youth Sports Nutrition Brand ‘ProYouth Nutrition’ is celebrating one of its best months to date following an appearance on Channel 5’s ‘Rich House Poor House’.

Marina Wegorek – mother of two and founder of ProYouth Nutrition – and her family took part in Rich House Poor House, which saw them swap lives for a week. During the experience, the family were able to discuss challenges, assess their family set-up and re-strategise their business growth plans which has led to an incredibly successful 6-months for the brand.

After the show aired on Sunday 14th March, ProYouth Nutrition witnessed one of its highest B2C (business to consumer) sales boosts, where the past couple of weeks alone were 50% more than the whole of last quarter. Website traffic on the night of airing was also up by an impressive 300% with club partnership and trade enquiries on the growth too.

ProYouth Nutrition was founded in February 2020 after Marina was unsatisfied by the current food options offered to children at sporting events. She decided to set up a sports nutrition business aimed at supporting the digestive systems of active and sporty children, whilst also encouraging them to make healthier choices in life.

Marina Wegorek, Founder, said:
“It took my family and I a lot of courage to agree to do something like Rich House Poor House as we never will put a price tag on anyone’s lives, but I’m so glad to have done the show. It was humbling, insightful and made me so thankful for the families we have and the new friendships we have made.”

Marina added:
“Coming out of the show made us become even more resilient and focus on how to knock a challenge on its head. When faced with challenges we can find ways to overcome no matter how much or how little money you may have. The UK has been in lockdown for many months now and It was incredibly hard for businesses including start-ups like us that launched just two weeks before the pandemic. After the house swap, I became even more resilient than before. We focused on our international strategy and since the show we have launched our products in India whilst also currently finalising our launch for the UAE. A major supermarket in Dubai has already taken on our products and we are also launching across petrol stations, health foods stores, online and sports clubs via a UAE distributor. Additionally we have just had further listing agreed, subject to formalisation with India’s major retailer stores including WHSmith India. This is a phenomenal milestone for a year old business like ours.”

Marina is excited at the prospect of welcoming Jade Barter (the mother she swapped lives with during Rich House Poor House) to the ProYouth team as she acts as a business mentor for Jade’s next career ventures. Sports scholar Zac Barter has already joined ProYouth as a brand Ambassador. Jade will take on a Sales Ambassador role and will be supporting the UK sales drive for ProYouth once sporting clubs are able to re-open.

Marina is also humbled to receive hundreds of messages that have been flooding her inbox, which varied from mothers who resonated with her journey and young students seeking career advice, to those who thanked her for inspiring them to pursue their dreams, especially when Covid had completely brought their lives to a halt. “Through this program, if we manage to touch someone’s lives positively, that’s all that matters,” commented Marina.

ProYouth is motivated to drive change and believes that the choices made will help young people to understand the importance of nutrition now and forever.

Available in three delicious flavours: Choc Brownie, Vanilla Delight and Banana Split, these natural protein bars have been developed with the help of scientists and nutrition experts. ProYouth Nutrition prices start at £23.95 for a case of 12, and are available online with free shipping on all orders. ProYouth Nutrition is also available on Amazon.

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